Who We Are

We are a free and independent church, true to the scriptures in the Congregational tradition.

First Congregational ChurchFirst we are an independent group of gathered Christians. We have no bishop, synod or national council to whom we are responsible. We are responsible only to Jesus Christ as the Lord of the Church.

Second, we are people of the Book. We are people who attempt to gain their insight into the Christian faith and into life in general through the Bible. We believe the Bible to be the Word of God.

Third, we are people who are part of the Congregational Way. For over four hundred years there has been such a group of churches that have identified with this tradition. It is a tradition that has remained free to be alert to the needs of people and to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in meaningful ways.

Our Church Government

Our church is governed by our members, independent of denominational allegiance.

The government of this Church is vested in the members who compose it. It is an independent ecclesiastical body in matters of doctrine, order and discipline, amenable to no other organization and possessing under Christ, its Head, full power of self-government. Affiliation or association with or membership in any religious, ecclesiastical or denominational organization whose policy, constitution, or by-laws make this Church answerable or accountable to it, or in any way diminishes the inherent autonomy of this Church shall be by vote of this church.