Parenting Resources

We are hard working at ways to include the families in activities along with just the children. There are so many resources for parents and grandparents. God did not call us to parent alone.

Worship 7Spiritual Parenting Bible Study is a 6-week course where we look at what God has called us to do as parents. Throughout the 6 weeks, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and whoever wants to participate learn how to depend on God for our children’s spiritual and moral development. Through this study we look at 10 environments to help our children develop their faith and learn to walk in God’s ways. This Bible Study is offered in the Fall and the Spring.

A link to HomeFront Magazine is also sent home. This resource is available every month. Each month is one of the 10 environments that correlates to the Tru Curriculum. It provides simple, everyday activities families can do. The focus is to help strengthen that family unit, and provide parents the ability to take on the leadership role is growing their families spiritually.