Sunday School for Children and Youth

Children's Sermon This year we are continuing the fun from VBS into the Sunday School Program. Our goal is to make Sunday School the Happiest Hour of the Week. Our childRally Day 1ren are the future of the church so we are changing things up  to show them Jesus’ love and to allow Jesus to be King of their lives. We will do that by teaching age appropriate lessons in fun and interactive ways. W e have fun lessons planned, science experiments prepared, and games lined up. Along with many other activities planned, the children will learn to fellowship with each other and those outside of the Sunday School walls. I am very excited with the direction we are going.  


The month of February is where we get introduced to what the Armor of God is all about. We learn each piece and the importance of putting on our Armor everyday. The kids will learn the story of Elisha and Armeans, as well as the story of Samson. We will have a special celebration on the 15th to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We have some great things planned in Sunday School. We are also reintroducing the FCC bucks we had last year. Kids will have the opportunity to earn money to use in the store. They earn money for participating in worship and bible lessons. They earn FCC bucks just for coming to church. We hope they earn a lot of money as they learn how God works in their lives.

Calling all parents! Join us on Saturday, February 7, from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. in Kimberly Hall as we gather together to learn how to be spiritual leaders in our homes. Together we can inspire, equip, and support each other on the journey of parenting. Dinner and dessert will be provided. RSVP to Heather by February 1. Childcare can be provided if needed.

More About The Programs

We have Sunday School for children in PK-8th grade during the 10:00 a.m. service. Everyone starts off in the main sanctuary. About 10 – 15 minutes into the service, the children come down for the Children’s Sermon. This is a great opportunity for interaction between the children and the congregation. Then it is off to Sunday School. Sunday School classes are broken off into:

Pre-Kindergarten – Kindergarten

First – Second Grade

Third – Fifth Grade

Sixth – Eighth Grade

This is the time where kids get to drive into the Word of God. We use the David C. Cook curriculum to help the children learn what God has done for them, is doing right now, and what he wants in their future. There is a story, a lesson, and some way to apply the lesson to their lives. The children have a great time in Sunday School, and so do the teachers.

The Sunday School Program at First Congregational Church is geared towards teaching all children how to apply lessons from the Bible and from our Savior, Jesus Christ to their everyday lives. During the younger years, Preschool – 2nd grade we work hard to teach the children the stories from the Bible, so that later they may pull lessons from these stories and apply them to their real life situations. Beginning in 3rd grade we work with the kids to teach them how to actively apply Christ; His lessons, His attitudes, His forgiveness and His love to their lives and to the situations that they may come to face. It is such a wonderful experience, to see a child with a problem find a resolution to that problem by turning toward Church and the lessons that they have learnt and their relationship that they have forged with Christ.

We also have a wonderful group of volunteer teachers that work very hard to present lessons to the children in a loving, and unique way. Our teachers vary in age, background and teaching education. It is a great combination of assets from our teachers that help to make our Sunday School Program top notch! We welcome and encourage all of our parents and friends to give teaching a try.

Our Vacation Bible School program runs for 10 consecutive Sundays throughout the summer. This program is held in place of regularly scheduled Sunday School during the summer and the kids have an absolute, fabulous time! They come ready for games, crafts, fun, songs and we still manage to slip in a meaningful lesson and message to the kids while they are having a great time! We also offer a week long day camp, we call Camp FCC! The camp days are great fun and we fill the days with a wonderful mixture of studies, fellowship, activities and of course, we save time for some good, old-fashioned fun! We are very blessed to have a great group of seasoned volunteers for this program, and the kids love it!

Confirmation Class is available to the children once they enter eighth grade. The class is taught by Dr. Lowell Linden and it is approximately a 2 ½ to 3 month program. At completion of the class your child will be ready to make a confirmation of his/her commitment to Jesus Christ and will at that point become a member of the Congregation of First Congregational Church!

True Love Waits is another program that we began offering during the past few years. It has been a wonderful journey as we have watched our teens take a vow of purity. The program is taught by Mark Steinbrenner and me and we both enjoy this program immensely. Suggested age range for this program is high school, but we understand that it is an individual and family choice, we encourage you to call the Church office if you would like your teen to participate and they fall outside the parameters.

Our Sunday School program works closely with our Youth Group programs to offer the children of First Congregational Church a lively, exciting, enticing environment to learn about their faith and the enjoy the teachings of Jesus Christ. We welcome you and your children to our Church.

If you would like any further information about the First Congregational Church Sunday School Program, please feel free to contact the church office and leave a message for Heather Rendleman to return your call.